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How to bypass the network monitoring?
Hi guys,

I have a situation and I have no idea how to deal with it.
In my company, the system administrator is monitoring the network using one of the fortinet devices, This way, the admin is capable of monitoring website I open from my machine.

Is there a way to hide my browsing from this monitoring?

Is there something like passing all the traffic from my machine via ssh to be encrypted and not readable? I have no idea actually is this applicable or not.
You can ssh to a server and use a socks proxy then configure your local browser to use the socks proxy for all connections. Or for connections that are not local.

ssh -D 1234
then configure 1234 as a socks proxy port on localhost in the browser. It's pretty simple and there are a lot of guides online for that. But if you want to browse stuff at work just take a tablet or something if you dont want the admin viewing your traffic and just browse stuff on your own device and connection. Generally if its a work machine you use for browsing the internet then the admin has full access to the machine and network and can view everything anyhow.
Just to add to this, dont forget to route your DNS traffic down the proxy also. Any DNS requests can be used to track what youre visiting, no necessarily the content being viewed though.

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